Full day tour in Punta Pitt

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: approximately 8 hours
Clothing: hiking shoes, swimsuit, sunscreen, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, hat and sunglasses.

There are very few places in the Galapagos Islands where you have the opportunity to observe the three different species of pikemen that live in the Islands. Here at Punta Pitt you can see the elegant Nazca or masked boobies, the dazzling blue-footed boobies and the red-footed boobies in danger of extinction. Here, the three live in the same area and seeing them on land or in flight is a spectacular sight. With surprising aerial maneuvers, the pikemen are able to submerge in the sea with incredible precision to catch their prey. Despite their agility while flying these birds are quite clumsy on the ground and that is why they have received their name that derives from the Spanish word "bobo". After our visit to Punta Pitt, we will enjoy a little snorkeling around Pitt Islet.

Depending on the scheduled activities of the Galapagos National Park for a particular day, this tour is complemented by a visit to Cerro Brujo or Galapaguera. Galapaguera is a place where the famous giant land tortoises of Galapagos roam in their natural environment. Meanwhile, Cerro Brujo will captivate you with its spectacular geological formations and its beautiful sandy beach.