Half day excursion: Lobos Island and Ochoa Beach

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: approximately 4 hours
Clothing: hiking shoes, swimsuit, sunscreen, sunscreen, camera, binoculars, hat and sunglasses.

One of the largest sea lion colonies in San Cristóbal, the island of Lobos, is only 30 minutes from the port. We will take a speedboat and disembark on the small island to walk around this beautiful place. We will be surprised by the great amount of life on the island. Lava lizards perch around the roads, while marine iguanas heat up before diving again to collect their food. This unique reptile is the only type of iguana on the planet that has adapted to dive in the sea in order to recover its food. Seasonally, you can also see some seabirds.

On the beaches we will see the always fascinating sea lion puppies playing or just sunbathing and waiting for their parents to feed them.

Here you can snorkel in the Pacific waters around this incredible islet. While diving here, you may be able to see marine iguanas that feed on colorful tropical fish and magnificent stingrays that slide into the ocean.

During this tour we will also visit the nearby Ochoa beach with its beautiful landscape. This paradisiacal beach is the perfect place to relax and forget all your problems.