The Golden Bay Hotel & Spa is located next to the beach , in a privileged location facing the spectacular bay that frames Puerto Baquerizo Moreno , the administrative and political capital of the Galapagos Islands, at the northwestern tip of San Cristobal Island . The Hotel is located at the eastern end of the picturesque harbor promenade, five minutes walk from the center of the town with its souvenir shops, cafes and the main pier and less than ten minutes from the city's airport. One of the major attractions of the Hotel is its direct access to Playa de Oro, frequented by sea lions of Galápagos, marine iguanas and some birds.

The Golden Bay Hotel puts the unique and magical world of Galapagos practically on the doorstep. Playa de Oro holds many legends of hidden treasures, sirens and stories that make the place even more fascinating and special. San Cristóbal is one of the five largest islands of the Galápagos Archipelago; one of the oldest geologically speaking; the island that has the highest amount of natural fresh water (only Floreana and San Cristobal) and one of the oldest human settlements on the islands, with a population established since the middle of the 19th century.

San Cristobal is full of Galápagos wildlife, extraordinary landscapes, rich history and hospitable people. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a beautiful island port that maintains much of its original charm with its old wooden houses and quiet pace of life.

The Golden Bay Hotel & Spa is the perfect place, especially for discerning travelers who want to explore the natural wonders of San Cristóbal and other islands from the comfort of a retreat of the highest international quality or to enjoy rest and relaxation. During your stay, no matter how long, you will enjoy every minute with us. Several of the cruise ships that operate different types and durations of tours around different islands begin or end their journeys in San Cristóbal. With daily direct flights between mainland Ecuador and San Cristóbal Airport, there are many possibilities to enjoy the magnificent Golden Bay Hotel Experience during your stay as well as before or after a cruise.