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Cerro Tijeretas, Centre d'interprétation, Lobería

    Vistez Cerro Tijeretas, le Centre d'Interprétation & la Lobería

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    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Duration: Approximately 4 hours
    • Clothing: Hiking shoes, swimsuit, sunblock, sun protection, camera, binoculars, hat and sunglasses.

    One of the largest sea lion colonies around San Cristobal, Lobos Island is located only 30 minutes away from port. We will take a speed boat and disembark at the small Islet to hike around this beautiful place. We will be surprised by the large amount of life present in the island. Lava lizards lie around the paths, while marine iguanas heat themselves before diving again to collect their food. This unique reptile is the only type of iguana in the planet that has adapted to dive at sea in order to retrieve their food. Seasonally, some seabirds may also be seen.

    On the beaches we will see the always fascinating sea lion cubs playing or just basking in the sun and waiting for their parents to feed them.

    Here you will be able to do some snorkeling in the Pacific waters around this amazing islet. While snorkeling here you might be able to spot marine iguanas feeding underwater, colorful tropical fish and magnificent rays gliding in the ocean.

    During this tour we will also visit the nearby Ochoa Beach with its lovely scenery. This paradisiac beach is the perfect place to relax and forget about all your problems.